Tammy Farrell, CPA

TeachMe10.com is a new endeavor for me but it’s been milling in my mind for quite some time. I have pages and pages of information I want to share – but I’ll admit – it was the Coronavirus that gave me the kick in the pants to get it going.

Yes, I was working from home (as is my norm). Yes, I have kids yelling in the background from time to time. Being home didn’t do it but rather, the misinformation going out. as well as people I know who qualified for financial programs that had no idea that they did. The PPP Loan, EIDL Loans (both forgivable!), and Unemployment benefits (thanks to the CARES Act) were what really got me moving.

Who am I to know anything about it? Well, I’m a CPA (who likes to leave no stone unturned) and a specialist in accounting technology. After a couple decade-long positions in corporate America, I set out on my own to work in coaching, consulting, and freelance writing a few years ago.

I’m also trained as Certified Fraud Examiner, which really certifies me as a relentless researcher. There’s always more to learn and while I like learning for learning’s sake, it’s much more satisfying when I’m able to share what I find with friends, family, and any stranger curious enough to listen.

My hope is that is that you’re that (former) stranger, and that you’ll move on from here learning just a little bit more than when you first stopped by.

I’ve Ghostwritten Articles That Have Been Featured In:

  • Financial Executives International Daily
  • Global Banking and Finance
  • Proformative
  • Financial Executives International Magazine
  • Insurance Innovation Reporter
  • Book: Recalculating – Driving Small Business Growth